Enrolments - Contributions and Charges

The school, through the School Board, is required to determine and advise parents of the anticipated financial costs of the educational programs at the school. Staff have tried to predict costs for each year level for 2017 taking into account the programs they are planning for their classes.  The charges are estimates only.

Payment options are:

1. Pay In Advance Option (K-6): At the beginning of the school year you will have the opportunity to prepay $300 which will cover the cost of many of the items listed. The School will allocate the monies as these activities arise. this can only be done via the School Office. (EFTPOS facility available). If needed, additional funds can be added during the year. Any unused money can be refunded at the end of the school year or rolled over for the following year.

2. Pay as activities occur (as is our current arrangement).

2018 Contributions and Charges WPS