School Programs - Rainbows

In support of the emotional and social development of the children in our care, Willetton Primary School has made a commitment to continue the Rainbows Program in 2016.  Rainbows is a helpful, supportive program, designed especially for children who are living in single parent families, step-families, fly in/fly out or families going through painful transitions.

In cases of serious illness or death, separation or divorce, both adults and children grieve.  Other situations that can cause feelings of loss and grief are moving schools or residence, moving away fromhomeland and extended family, or even losing a family pet.  Because of their age and short life experience, children find it extremely difficult to verbalise their feelings.

Rainbows offers a confidential peer support program, not counselling, where children learn to deal with their feelings, regain self-esteem, accept what has happened, and get on with being a child who enjoys school and life.