School Board

The School Board is made up of parents, staff and general members of the community.

The current School Board Members are:

Heather McNeil - Principal

Kristy Turner (Chair) - Parent

Raelene Endersby - Parent

Jason Porter - Parent

Janine Cowey - Parent

Meeshant Jhaverri - Parent

Adam Close - Year 6 teacher

Lindsay Garside - Year 6 teacher

Bindi Jones - Year 5 teacher

Desley Spencer-James - Deputy Principal

Role of the School Board

The WPS Board is committed to enhancing the school's positive relationship with the school community by delivering timely, clear and open communication, with the aim of:

  • Ensuring the maintenance of dynamic learning environments;
  • Providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students;
  • Encouraging parental awareness of and participation in school events and;
  • Promoting community understanding of the school's values and ethos 

Parents are welcome to attend School Board meetings in an observer capacity. For further information please contact our Board Chair, Kristy Turner, on

Nomination Forms

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