About the P&C

Willetton Primary School Parents and Citizens Association (WPS P&C), is a school-based organization comprising of parents, teachers, and community members.

P&C Associations are directed under the Education Act.

WPS P&C have two major aims:

  • Promoting the school's interests by fostering strong collaboration among parents, community members, and teachers.
  • Providing additional facilities, amenities, and educational necessities that are not directly supplied by the government.


Meet the P&C

The Willetton Primary School P&C Association Inc is always looking to improve communication with our school community.

We would like to introduce you to your P&C Committee for 2024.

President (Executive Committee Member) Shelda Cail

Vice President (Executive Committee Member) Candace Higgs

Secretary (Executive Committee Member) Amy Crosby

Treasurer (Executive Committee Member) Xiaowei (Joy) Huang

Class Liaison Parent Coordinator Megan Quinlan

School Board Representative Shelda Cail

Second-hand Uniform Co-ordinator Claire Hohnholt

Fathering Group (MoW) Representative Reece Foster

Canteen Co-ordinator Shelda Cail