ECE Classroom

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

K – 2 Philosophy Statement

Early Childhood Education comprises classes from Kindergarten through to Year Two. At Willetton Primary School we offer a comprehensive and innovative education aimed at developing the intellectual, social, physical and emotional development of each child. We are committed to the wellbeing and care of the individual in a safe, supportive environment where excellence is encouraged and risk taking pursued. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum guidelines and the Western Australian Curriculum underpin all our programs.

All learning is supported by the teaching of social skills and values as research shows that social skills are the utmost importance for a child’s future development. All our programs provide a rich learning environment which develops and extends the children’s concentration span by progressively providing increasingly longer, more complex and challenging activities, stories and tasks. Experiences include looking at plants, animals and people in the community. Such experiences help develop and extend concept formation and the use of language.

We believe that collaboration, cooperation and communication between students, parents and teachers are essential for the successful learning of all children. The teachers in Early Childhood Education work in teaching / learning teams to provide ‘best practice’ strategies for their students, the best possible pastoral care and feedback to parents.