Staff 2024

Administration Staff

Position Staff Member
Principal Ms Heather McNeil
Deputy Principal Mrs Vanessa Bower
Deputy Principal Mrs Maddi Wilby
Manager Corporate Services Ms Sarah Kelly
School Officer Ms Megan Howard
School Officer Mrs Mandy Dickenson
Executive Assistant Miss Tayla Hardy


Teaching Staff

Year Area Teacher
Kindy  Brolga Mrs McAleer (M, W, F)
Kindy/PP Kingfisher 1 Mrs Redman M, W, F)
Kindy/PP Kingfisher 2 Mrs Schabort (Tu, Th, F)
PP Woodpecker Mrs Gibson and Mrs Molloy (W)
PP Kookaburra Ms Hay-Hendry and Mrs Jeffrey (W)
Year 1 Area 1 Mrs Tonin-Case (M, Tu, W) and Miss Thompson (Th, F) 
Year 1 Area 2 Miss Thompson (M, Tu) and Mrs Haddow (W, Th, F)
Year 1 Area 3 Mrs Yeoh
Year 2 Area 4 Mrs Jones
Year 2 Area 5 Mrs Barber
Year 2 Area 6 Mrs Scott
Year 2/3 Area 7 Ms Ellement
Year 3 Area 8 Miss Flynn
Year 3 Area 9 Miss McInnis
Year 3 Area 10 Ms Walmsley
Year 4 Area 11 Mrs Moreschini (M, Tu, W) and Mrs Turnbull (Th, F)
Year 4 Area 12 Mrs Mattock
Year 4 Area 13 Mr Stockley
Year 4/5 Area 14 Ms Christiner (M, Tu, Th, F) and Mrs Turnbull (W)
Year 5 Area 15 Mrs Hulme (M, Tu, W) and Mrs Nguyen (Th, F)
Year 5 Area 16 Mr Howard
Year 6 Area 17 Mrs Taylor 
Year 5/6 Area 18 Mrs Garside
Year 6 Area 19 Mr Paterson
Year 6 Area 20 Mr Close 
Specialist Teacher Music Mr Poole
Specialist Teacher Science Mrs Uhlmann
Specialist Teacher Sport Mr Gotti
Specialist Teachers Health - Yr 1/2 Miss Tan (Th, F)
Specialist Teachers Technology  Ms Pimlott, Miss Tan (W)
Specialist Teacher EAL & Languages Mrs Long (M, Tu, Th)
Specialist Teacher Languages Mrs Kerr (M, Tu, W, Th)
Rainbows Teacher   Mrs Tonkin-Case (Thursdays AM)


Support Staff

Position Area  Staff Member
Librarian Library Mrs Cobban
Education Assistant Various Mrs Wei
Education Assistant Various Mrs Hind
Education Assistant Various Miss London
Education Assistant Various Miss Schleicher
Education Assistant Various Ms Wright
Education Assistant Various Mrs Pickford
Education Assistant Various Mrs Tod
Education Assistant Woodpecker Mrs Riach
Education Assistant Kingfisher Ms Bowling
Education Assistant Brolga Mrs Fitt
Education Assistant Kookaburra Miss McShane (M, Tu, W) and Miss Doyle (Th, F)
Gardener   Mr Sessoyeff
School Psychologist   Miss Emma Maisey (M, Tu)