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Woodpecker Ave Oval Gate Access05 Jun 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your wonderful support for our drop off and pick up policy to remain in place for the time being. I know many of you are finding it convenient and positive for the whole family.

We would like to see if we can make it even easier for you by trialling an extra access point on Woodpecker Avenue.

From Monday 8 June staff will supervise the Woodpecker Avenue Oval Gate at drop off and pick up times for a ONE-week trial period.

During the week trial staff will monitor the following to inform future decision making:

  1. Number of students who utilise the extra access point.
  2. Safety of students who cross the road at the access point without a crosswalk.
  3. Level of increase in traffic and parking on Woodpecker Avenue.
  4. Impact – positive/negative on the other access points on Apsley Road Gate, the Kiss & Drive Gate and the two Pinetree Gully Road Gates.

If the trial is a success, the Woodpecker Avenue Oval Gate access point will continue.

As always, I welcome our school community feedback on new ways of operating and responding to uncertain future challenges.

Kind regards,

Heather McNeil